Thursday, October 30, 2008

I was just tagged! I will admit that I don't have the most original responses, but it is still fun to think about these things!

7 Things I plan to do before I die…
1. Have a GIGANTIC library in my house! (We have been collecting books, and they are so great to have around...until you have to move!)
2. Get a Master's Degree ( I really want to get a PhD, but I do want children in the near future.)
3. Go to Italy and Germany
4. Go to a play on Broadway (Ideally, I would see Wicked!)5. Develop some new skills and talents (I have a few right now....sewing, scrapbooking, playin
g the guitar, baking cakes, golfing, photography, snowboarding, quilting, interior desing, etc.)
6. Become the "hang out" home. (Dane and I want our home to be the cool place for our kids and their friends to spend time. This may require that I develop some baking skills. I hope to make cookies like Cody's mom!)
7. Become a fabulous wife, mom, grandma, sister, daughter, granddaughter (Families are the best!)

7 Things I can do…
1. Multi-task
2. Learn and read (I LOVE school and learning!)
3. Have a great time with Dane
4. Rest!! (Not the best quality!)
5. Play the organ (Something I will probably do until I am 90!)
6. Care about others
7. Smile a lot

7 Things I cannot do…
1. Find where I am going (I am the worst with directions...I still get lost in IF and Pocatello! Thank heavens for Google Maps and GPS!)
2. Watch scary movies (And that's about all that I can find on tv this week!)
3. Sew (I still wonder how I got an A in my fabrics class!)
4. Keep a bag of chocolate or candy in the house for more than a day without it getting eaten. (I will generally consume an entire bag of chocolate within 24 hours—I have very little self-control when it comes to sweets!)
5. Play a game without feeling competitive.
6. Touch door handles in public restrooms
7. Fake anything around Dane (He reads me very well!)

7 Things That Attracts Me To Dane…
1. He has a great sense of humor and is very witty (He can always make me laugh)
2. He is athletic (Dane called me a jersey-chaser at one point. How sad!)
3. He is so supportive
4. He is the most genuine person I know
5. He is very giving to others and is always serving his friends and family
6. He is definitely attractive
7. He is great with kids (The other day our niece ran right past me into his arms. She loves him!)

7 Things I say most often…
1. Holy Nedskies! (Also—many phrases generally used by the older populations)
2. What a day!
3. Fabulous
4. I can find out for you.
5. You won’t believe what I dreamed about last night! (Dane hates listening to my wacky dreams, but he continues to do so nonetheless)
6. What do you want to do? (I am very indecisive)
7. “I am going to change the world!” or “I have this new goal…”

7 Favorite Celebs
1. Steve Carrell (I LOVE “The Office” and “Dan in Real Life”)
2. Russell Crowe
3. Taylor Swift (So great in concert and just a nice girl)
4. Ken Jennings, the amazing Jeopardy guy (and a personal hero of mine!)
5. Jack Black
6. Kate Hudson (She has perfect curly hair)
7. Dane (I really don’t have favorite celebrities, and Kade told me that Dane was a local celebrity…hehe!)

7 Favorite Foods
1. Ice Cream (My very favorite)
2. Mexican Food
3. Italian Food
4. Pizza
5. Chocolate
6. Cereal
7. Spaghetti Soup (A Sucher family staple food)

7 People who should do this (You’re tagged)
1. Heather
2. Kelli
3. Shanna
4. Becky
5. Lisa
6. The Beorchia Clan
7. Missy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

it sure has been a while

It has been a while since the last post, for a few reasons: my poor laptop is sick and refuses to work, I haven't taken many picutres, and life has been crazy! I was convinced that as soon as I was done with school and working life would magically slow down, and boy...was I wrong! Life has been so good though.

Dane and I are enjoying every minute of our family ward. Dane is loving the Young Men, and I have enjoyed Relief Society. I continue to have those "grateful I'm right here, right now" moments. A while back a nine-year-old boy sprayed his mase into his eyes right after church (and this wasn't one of those grateful moments, mind you--I felt terrible for that poor little boy.) Dane was asked to help him clean out his eyes. Poor boy! Dane said that he used to do stuff like that all the time as a boy. Ooh--my eyes hurt just thinking about it. We have the most diverse ward, and I love it. We have a British man, with a definite British sense of humor. I love his comments! However, I really don't understand his sense of humor sometimes, and I hate feeling lost in a joke! There is never a shortage of interesting moments, from children running wild through the chapel, to hilarious comments in class. It is like a home for us.

Oh, and I have some very exciting news...well, to me it is exciting. Dane and I are moving on Monday. Thanks to some great friends, Dane and I got an apartment management position. AKA: free rent! It is really close to campus as well, which means we are a hop, skip, and jump away from school and work. We are just getting ready for the move now. I can hardly wait! We have really been blessed. I had been so frustrated because for the last eight months or so, the housing situation just hadn't worked out for us. Things would look great then fall through. I was beginning to think that we would be in our tiny apartment forever!

On a side note: Dane and I love the property owners that we will work for! We went to their house just a few nights ago and talked forever about our dating and marriage stories. They are the most hilarious couple around. It was so fun to see them tease eachother but at the same time show so much love for one another. It will be so fun to work under them. I really want to invite them over some time for dinner! They are so fun to have conversations with, and I really think that I will learn a lot from them!

Dane's brother Kade is living in the apartment next to us for a few weeks until his apartment opens up. Brei and Brylei will be moving up on Friday. We have spent quite a bit of time with Kade these last few weeks. We have also consumed a LOT of ice cream. This seems to be a weakness for Kade too.

Dane's birthday was last week. He is a whopping 24 years old! As I have mentioned earlier, Dane LOVES golfing. To be a good wifey, I purchased a new hybrid club for Dane, to finish upgrading his set. He was so happy with the gift. I had wanted to get something that he really wants, and I knew this would be the best thing! Dane would have been happy with anything, but I still wanted his birthday to be special! I did mess up on one birthday thing: I purchased some chocolates that Dane and I love, a bag just for Dane. Well, without even thinking really I ate the entire bag in about a half hour. Dane only got one chocolate. I obviously have a problem!

Well, that's about all that is new with us. I hope to get some pictures up next time. This blog is becoming a bit boring! Take care!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Life has been in fast-forward mode lately!
We have had quite a few visits from family lately, which we LOVE. Last week my sister Kayla and a couple friends spent the night at our apartment. It was fun to hang out with some fun teenagers. Kayla is one of the coolest girls around. I think I tell Dane that almost every single day. Now that Kayla is almost 18...ahh...we have become quite the friends. She is not such a little girl anymore, and that is freaking me out!
Last weekend Dane and I went to Josh and Kelli's apartment to watch conference. I had so much fun there. Needless to say, we play a two-and-a-half hour game of Settlers of Catan. I never thought it would end!! We were quite the competitive group! Those two have created a beautiful home, and I love to visit. They are two of our very favorite people. Kelli is one of the best sisters around! We wish the two of them the best.
Dane's brother Kade and his family are moving to Pocatello. Kade has stayed with a few times looking for jobs and apartments. Here is some great news: he just got a job on campus today--which equals incredible insurance and $5 credits for him. I couldn't be happier for him! He will be staying with us all next week, and I am stoked to have him around. Dane can't wait to have his brother semi-permanently in town. This will equal a LOT of golfing time for the two. They just can't seem to get enough of it. Golf is quite the addicting game though. I was trying to convince my co-worker that he should try golf...I mean....this guy is ATHLETIC. He would be great at golf. Maybe I will someday love golf as much as Dane does.
Hmmm....the search for a new apartment is still on. We are hoping to move on campus. It seems like the ideal area for us: close to our jobs, close to our schooling. We hope to hear back soon. This is exciting though--WE JUST GOT A SECTIONAL COUCH! It is going to be about the most comfortable couch ever.
I started my job at ISU last week. Shawnee also started the same day. I will admit that we have felt a bit lost at times, but we are so excited to get going. It is good to have eachother. Oh, and I am a Recruitment Specialist for Idaho State. I spent this last week on the road, going to college fairs in Idaho. It has been a CRAZY week. My feet won't work, and my voice won't work anymore. I have really enjoyed getting to know the other recruiters and lots and lots of students. My job is so exciting and so fun. I don't even feel like I am actually working!
Well, that's about it for the crazy life. I finally get to spend some time with Dane after this crazy week on the road, and I am happy to be home! Oh, and this is so silly, but I got to drive a suburban for the first time ever...we took a government vehicle across the state. I am growing up! Hope everything is well with all of you!