Friday, June 19, 2009

WARNING: Lots of Pics with Lots of Captions

Don't you just LOVE summer?! We finally have time--or maybe take time--to do some of the things we love. The last couple weeks have been great as I am spending time doing things I love and being with people I love. I have definitely been reminded about just how grateful I am for all those people around me.

Kayla is already getting her "college" on, so I hurried to Rexburg to check-out her first place. (I really like her beadspread, don't you?!) She seems to be doing well so far, and I am sure she will be a great student! Sadly, Kayla had quite a bit of homework while I was up, so we didn't get too much "chill" time. We did have some fun doing homework--though I lacked a bit of focus--it has been a whole year since I was last in school! Also--my Pops decided to get her a Mac for graduation--a Mac--I don't even have one yet! The three of us get pretty spoiled by that man! The Sucher fam has finally been converted the the Mac OS!

Isn't she just beautiful!? I do have to thank Kayla and Kelli for introducing me to my new favorite song--"You Don't See" by the Duhks. Check that one out! Thank heavens for sisters that keep this girl updated on new music! I always come home with some new faves after visits!

The next morning, Kelli and I made a quick excursion to the local library and stopped by the Teton Flood Museum next door. It was a very interesting experience--I think I experienced nearly every emotion while at the flood. Here we are next to a replica of the Teton Dam before the flood. A new dam may be built in the future. It is amazing that the dam stood for only 8 months! There was a lot of opposition to the dam before it was built too. How ironic (and very sad).Here is a picture of the flood. I think I forget that things like this can happen even in Idaho. I found out later that my great-grandfather's house floated away during the flood. I couldn't help but cry as I watched people lose everything they had. We watched a very sobering video of the flood and really hope others get to see it too! Kelli and I were so impressed with all the LDS church and Red Cross did to help with the flood. Over 1 million volunteer man hours were provided within 8 days of the event! People really came together. My mom told me about how difficult it was to clean up the mess after the flood--a lot of service was definitely given at that time. I am so proud to be a member of the LDS church!

Now this little thing is pretty crazy! The flowers are made parially of HUMAN HAIR. They really must have used EVERYTHING back then! I was grossed out just enough to take a picture. I know that I should be fascinated by this, but my germaphobic personality forbids me to do so!

I took a picture of this ultra-thin cake pan from back-in-the-day because it reminds me that WE EAT TOO MUCH THESE DAYS! Let's be honest, our portion sizes have gotten out of control. Now, I am the first to dive into a gigantic cake--my family and friends know that I have no self-control in this area--but I am motivated to change. I could certainly use this little cake pan these days to cut a few calories in those sweets!

This is my Great-Grandma Grace! We made a quick stop in to visit the most optimistic woman in the WORLD! I only saw her about once each year growing up, and I wish I had spent more time with her. I am sure I can could learn a lot from her!

With our newly-discovered desires to become domestic goddesses, Kelli and I kicked off the beginning of our crafty endeavors by creating a super-easy family tree. Of course, a few things went wrong with my little tree, but I am just a beginner. Just watch out for me in the future--I will be crafting and decorating like a pro! Side note: Kelli has a knack for craftiness, so I am very excited for our monthly projects.

My friend Lisa had her baby shower, and boy is she one of those super-cute pregnant girls. She and Logan are going to have some BEAUTIFUL kids. I am excited for her and can't wait to meet the new little girl someday soon! Congrats, Lisa!

Dane's friend from Wendell (and one of the funniest people I know) brought his fiance up for a baby blessing and stayed at our place. I LOVE to have guests over, especially now that we have a guest room, so this was a treat. I met Rainee for the first time and just love her. I hope to see a lot of her at Beorchia family functions. Dallan is always invited to those--he is pretty much family. (Note to all--you can definitely stay over here if you need somewhere to stay!)

This cutie is my favorite girl ever. She is saying "cheese" for the picture and is wearing my shoes. I love visiting her house because she is so excited to see me. I feel like the most popular girl ever when I am there! I have to admit that I get exhausted from playing with her, and love that I get to be the "fun aunt" and head home when I am tired! I hope I will be a fun mom someday too!

Here is the other favorite little girl, who was just blessed! Isn't she sweet?! I have to be careful when I am around her because I really want to have some babies around here! Someday soon!

I just got back from the IACRAO Conference for Idaho college recruiters, admissions officers, and registrars. It was a great few days! One afternoon the ISU peeps visited Shoshone Falls with Brei and Jen, two super-cute recruiters from Boise Bible College. It was BEAUTIFUL there! Side note: I have some of the best co-workers around!

Here we are underneath another waterfall in Twin Falls. This one was GORGEOUS!

I am a pretty shy person, so not too many people get to see the crazy side of me. The "real me" loves to goof off, dance around, and do some pretty silly things. I guess I felt pretty comfortable with this group!

Here is a picture from a Snake River dinner boat tour we took for the conference. We got to eat a wonderful meal on a fun little boat while floating around. The food was great, but the company was better! I sat with a member of the AACRAO professional organization and can't wait to get involved on a national level now. She was quite a talented lady!

Isn't this amazing--this is in the Snake River. I think it is called the "Blue Heart." It is an area where a natural spring meets the river. I thought you could only see water that color in tropical places!

This is a picture of Thousand Springs. I love this place! The boat trip was so much fun. I really want to take Dane on it sometime! It is pretty pricey, so it wouldn't happen often, but it might be really fun for an anniversary or something like that!

That about sums the last couple weeks up! Hope everyone is having a great summer! Right now I summer would be here forever!