Monday, December 21, 2009

And this is what I found...

I came home from work one day last week, and this is what I found....

Dane had finished his Christmas shopping, had wrapped all the presents he purchased, and was making Christmas treats for our friends when I walked in the door. (We made a ton and accidentally ate most of them before they could be delivered--good intentions, right!?)

Someone was really feeling the Christmas spirit last Thursday.

We, here at the B. Household, hope everyone has a great holiday! We hope you enjoy the time you spend with your families, the kind words exchanged, and the beautiful winter weather. We hope that the true Spirit of Christmas is easily found! We love you all and wish you a safe and merry and blessed Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Late Introduction

I can't believe that I have waited so long to introduce everyone to our third family member! So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to.... (dun, dun, dun-dun)

HAROLD (picture soon to follow in the post)

We are so proud of Harold, our real-life ficus tree. He is strong, needs very little water, still has his leaves even though we were told he should be "bald" by now, and produces some much-needed oxygen in our home. What a wonder this little guys is!

For Christmas the last couple of years, we have sported a very large, but very sweet loan-er Christmas tree courtesy of Aunt Jeanie. We thought we would simplify a bit with a tree that doesn't occupy 2/3 of our living room. So--what could be better that dressing up Harold with a little bling--his very own. (Am I sounding ridiculous right now?!)

So, here he is, in all of his glittery, glowing glory! He really is our Christmas tree (this fact threw my Grandma Bonnie into a bit of a loop, I think)! I hope you like him as much as we do!

Of course, I wanted to add a few close-ups of our handsome man!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I just had to...

I just saw this beauty on Hollie's blog today and couldn't resist! Tonight I will be its proud owner, just in time for the holidays!

On a side note, Hollie is amazing and incredibly talented, so I think you should all check out her mad skills!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgivings By Numbers

2 beautiful families... (and two great times)
5 pictures of Bry's croissant... (per her request)

6 tries to get a smiling picture with Kayla... (she makes some killer funny faces)

500 things to laugh at... (the best part about being with family)
3 super-cute chitlins that make me excited to be a mom... (she has a smile to die for)
1000 things I am grateful for... (that was a doozie)

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Twi-Letdown" or "Save the Drama for Your Mama"

First of all, tonight is Dane's first contribution to the blog! I know, a big deal! However, on a more serious note--he will clobber me if he finds out that his input was included, even if it is only in the title. We just got back from "New Moon"--more on that later. I thought I would share a few of my unsolicited opinions with you all--hope you don't mind! I asked for a good title, and Dane submitted the second title of this post. Let's keep this under wraps for a bit!

Now on to my opinions--just a few. I feel a little bad about sharing a few negative thoughts after such a fabulous, positive day. Don't worry--I don't have too many negative things about "New Moon" to share, so those of you who were impressed won't need to be too defensive.

"New Moon" Thoughts:
1. The special effects were much improved (positive note first!)
2. How about Jacob? I must say that I just love him more and more all the time--you know, in a not-so-creepy-because-I'm-married, not-quite-a-cougar-because-I-am-not-that-old kind of way. Not too bad to look at either! I am such a "Team Jacob" gal!
3. (Now for a more negative opinion--I just have to vent...) Was the book really this mushy and cheesy? For some reason I was so enamored by the book that I missed quite a bit of this.
4. (Last negative, I promise.) Coming from a true fan of Jacob, I can't help but think that Edward is just too sensitive, emotional, and fickle for my liking. I like my men tough--not too stoic though--with just a side of sensitivity.

Anyway, sorry to blab on about the movie. I am glad that I saw it--I have been waiting for quite some time. Perhaps going with Dane was a bad choice--we fed a bit off of eachother and had a few too many giggles during the movie.

*Last note: And here is an addition Dane would like to make. He now ranks "The Notebook" as the second worst movie of all time.
**This really is the last note: Taking Dane probably wasn't the best choice. In my defense, Dane suggested that we should go together tonight--it was his idea! He continually claimed that he was just being a "good husband," and he really is a good husband.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recommended for Reading

Every once in a great while you find a book that you just can't put down. You can't function in life until the book has been read, i.e., the dishes aren't done, homework is set aside, sleep isn't a priority, the poor hubs gets ignored completely, etc. Well, about two months ago, I happened upon a book that fulfilled that very need--thanks to Paige, by the way! Now I reveal that wonderful piece of literary work to you....doo, doo, doo (trumpet sounding). Now, please scroll down...

(So I tried to make the image huge and captivating, but this is the best that little jpeg would do. A little disappointing if you ask me. On another note, I know a couple other people have posted about this on their blogs too. To them I say, please don't feel like I am stealing any thunder! Love you guys!)

Has anyone else read this a-m-a-z-i-n-g book?!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

out with the old, in with the new

The last month was full of stress--I am definitely a Type-A personality, so I have experienced some perfectionist-related and time-related stress in the past, but this last month was an onslaught of stress not seen often at all in my life. I felt like I was spiraling out of control--looking back now I know that things weren't that bad (don't we tend to learn some things after-the-fact?). I was questioning if I could hand my work, home, school, and especially church responsibilities. I remember one day just wanting to be released from my callings and wanting to drop the school stuff. I know, it was a major over-reaction.

A while back I received a blessing telling me to run as fast as I can, and boy have I been running. I felt like I was out of gas when all of the sudden, life got as bright as can be. I have a new resolve in my classes, enjoy the many hours spent working, have found plenty of time to beautify my home and experiment in the kitchen, found better one-on-one time with Dane, and felt like I have help fulfilling the callings. I am so grateful for the blessings our Heavenly Father seems to shower on me. I don't always notice them, but I am seeing life more clearly at this point. I am happier, healthier, and kinder to others than I have been in a long time. Life's daily stresses seem small, and I am not putting so much pressure on myself. Life is beautiful!

I hope you are all being so blessed! Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy. I think that is my favorite commandment and blessing of all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Work and No Play...

Last week I went to Colorado for a few college fairs, which are always fun. College reps are a whole new brand of people, and I love, love, love being around them--very outgoing, very proud of their school, very funny! There is never a dull conversation between a couple college reps, believe you me. (Being among few, if any, Mormons does mean that I am unable to understand some of these conversations, however. I have no clue when they name types of alcohol, and a few jokes fly right over my head! These moments, small and far between, make me proud of my peculiarity!)

Even the fairs alone would be enough to make the week a worthwhile, fun trip--but the trip automatically became better when Dane told me that he could come too! Now, I think one reason for Dane's attendance was to be my personal chauffeur--very sweet--but also very smart--I have had little to no experience driving in large cities like Denver. The second, and primary, reason--to play with his adorable wifey!

Here are a few--okay, many--pictures from our little adventure. On a side note: I won't feel bad if you don't make it to the bottom--that's almost a journey itself!

First thing I have to say--I survived! I feared having a heart attack or falling to my death on the gondola! The ride was more relaxing than anticipated, but I prefer to keep these feet on the ground!

Dane and I spent the first day or two in Aspen! I can definitely see why it is the number one snow sport destination in the world--it is beautiful! The people there were so nice to open their city to us--giving us free passes to the gondola, a beautiful reception, and a great welcome!

I loved the Garden of the Gods, our first stop in Colorado Springs. I won't lie--I thought it would be a little lame--but I loved it. The rock formations were a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Sorry about this one--just a posed picture of Dane and I on our little hike! I do have to say that most of our pictures like this were done with Dane's skill--finding a nearby rock or chair, setting the timer, and running back to pose! He has some skill!

The Balance Rock was spectacular! So big! So beautiful! I think it was my favorite stop in the Garden of the Gods!

Dane and I went to Seven Falls in Colorado Springs--so worth the stop! We saw a beautiful waterfall and got to ride an elevator in the middle of a mountain!

I thought hauling my lazy bum up those stairs wouldn't be too bad, but Dane and I definitely felt the effects during and after the hike. I guess you climb up about 1,000 feet in elevation by the time you make it to the top. I blame the lack of breath at the end on the altitude sickness!

I am deathly afraid of heights, so I am not sure how I managed to take this picture on our way down--I was shaking like crazy the entire time down those steep stairs! (This isn't from the top though--I don't know if I could have taken a picture from much higher up!)

Dane and I headed to a candy factory to see how candy is made--plus get a few free samples. Those free samples are so enticing sometimes! I have seen how candy is made on television, but seeing it in-person was so much better!

The entire room was full of candy--I think I was in heaven at the time! (I think Dane even made a comment about that to someone--sheesh!) So many candy canes--I was ready for Christmas to come after I saw all of them. They have some really fun flavors like apple pie and cranberry! All handmade too. It was so much fun to see how they were made!

We traveled to Lookout Mountain to visit a museum about the one and only...Buffalo Bill! This man was a true celebrity! Thousands of people attended his funeral, and many more mourned his death! He was quite a fascinating man! He was quite a showman!

Dane and I took a quick pic in front of his grave. Buffalo Bill claimed that you could see land from four different states from the top of Lookout Mountain. Quite frankly, most of what I could see included several cell phone towers. Sad day!

I put this one up just because it make me laugh so hard. I think these are meant for little kids, and some other tourists gave us some looks as we tried to work this shot out. We look so tough, don'tcha think!

Here I am getting ready to lasso a calf. Just ignore the fact that my horse has no legs! (This is all about the experience!)

The "Tattered Cover" is a wonderful little bookstore in LoDo, a fun part of Denver. Dane and I have a serious passion for books, so we had to pick up a new book as a souvenir from the trip. I think the book is my favorite souvenir. (We are one book closer to our dream library!)

Isn't it just wonderful inside? I could have spent an entire day inside! A true bookworm's dream come true!

Dane is posing with our desserts at the Hard Rock Cafe. I have never been to one before, and the atmosphere is ridiculously cool! I was in heaven when we found the guitar signed by Bonnie Rait and stuff from Eric Clapton, two of my favorites!

This picture is a little cheesy, I know! I was just so excited to be at the Hard Rock Cafe! (Those revolving doors gave me a little anxiety--I got in the same time as Dane, and there definitely was not enough room for the two of us! I almost lost a foot!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wedding Bells

A couple of weekends ago, I made a quick trip to Teton to see my cuz Juston get married. I am the oldest grandchild on this side of the family, so it is crazy to see all of my younger cousins "grow up" and get married! I have to say that I am so excited for Aubree to join the family. She is one cute girl! It was also great to see my beautiful sista Kelli Jean and her hubs, the parental unit, more fams, and my adorable Gramma Bonnie! Congrats to Juston and Aubree!

Seeing people get married reminds me about just how grateful I am for my man Dane! My boo is my favorite person ever, and I love seeing just how much we have grown together over these last two years. I love him more and more everyday, truly! Marrying Dane was by far the best decision I ever could have made--I can be a pretty smart girl sometime! So glad this marriage thing can last forever! We have plenty of memories left to make!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Remember, Remember

This entry goes out to all those journal-writers. I know you are out there! Sometimes I focus in my journal about:
-silly things that happened at work
-an accomplishment at work or school
-fun things from around the house

This is what I am going to include more of:

I am certainly very forgetful, so I use my journal to help me remember those special things.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taking Time...

Dane is at work right now, so I am spending the next 3 hours with myself. Sometimes I like to do is pretty quiet and peaceful around here! Tonight I am taking some time to do a few things I really want to do...

1. Spruce up the blog (Boy, did it need some TLC)
2. Read some more of "The Lightning Thief" (Pretty interesting so far...Percy is not quite a Harry Potter for me yet)
3. Watch the only 2 shows I truly care to watch at this time ("So You Think You Can Dance" and "Glee"--love those shows)
4. Do some much-needed de-cluttering and organizing in the spare bedroom (Perhaps my favorite task of the evening)
5. Try to write in the journal (I have struggled the past week or two with this little habit)

A very simple night, but a very lovely night indeed. I'll stay busy until Dane comes home, and I can't wait until he comes home!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

and I was a little jealous

Okay, so lately I have decided that I want to "experience life." That's a bit corny, I know. I want to do lots of fun things and make fun little memories to go along with it. Life is about having some fun, right?!

Well, on Friday Dane announced that he was invited to ride in some golf guy's private plan to play golf for the day in Utah. Nuh-uh...not without me--was what I was thinking. But instead I told him that I am so glad he gets to do something so cool. Blah-blah. (I was trying to play off that I really wasn't...jealous!)

Now--cut me some slack here--I really wasn't in a frenzy of jealousy here. I didn't mope around the house all day or even seek some pity from the women at the Relief Society activity. I just think that would be something so cool to do. And to be honest--Dane really deserved it. He works so hard on the apartments and at his job--he deserved it. And he loved every minute of it.

(I will admit that I told Dane to keep in touch with this really nice person. I would love a day of golf like this too! I hope that doesn't make me a bad person!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 a.m. Thoughts

It's 5:00 a.m., and I have been up for about an hour now. I woke up and felt wide awake, and I can't get this brain of mine to shut off. So, I thought I would watch a bit of "Mr. Holland's Opus" and write down a few things on this little blog. (To be honest, I really just want to listen to the music from the movie--I love the clarinet solo the girl with red hair plays and the beautiful orchestra piece at the end. Maybe I should pick up the soundtrack or something!)

I have been thinking a lot about how life is full of seasons. We all graduate from high school and move into a new phase of life, a new season where we get to spend lots of time learning...about ourselves really. At some point we may get married or start a career or graduate from college, etc, entering, of course, another season. I am definitely enjoying life right now, but I don't quite feel like I am in a defined season at the moment. Now I know that we don't necessarily move from one to another, but I feel like I am stuck between about three or four right now. I am a part-time grad student (and at this rate, I will be in grad school for about 4 years), a full-time professional at a job I love and can only have once, and desiring so much to be a full-time mom! I think I am hoping the "mom" stage will come soon though. Part of me wants to focus on growing professionally, part of me wants to be a full-time student and get involved in classes and professional organizations, but something deep inside is longing for that period of motherhood. I just can't wait to stay at home and spend my time and energy completely on my family! I know that right now I am preparing--we are finishing our education and saving a lot of money on it, putting money in savings to ease the stress for when we do have children, and practicing with our beautiful nieces--exhausting for the short hours we are with them acutally. Although I can't wait to just be a mom, I am happy to be where I am. I know that my desire to be a mother is righteous, and right now we are doing the very best we can to prepare. Everyday I can see the hand of the Lord working with us. As strange as this season is for me right now, I am so thankful for it! I just need to do my best and keep plugging along--then I can truly treasure my time as a mother. And oh, how I will treasure it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dane's Dream Night

I think that Dane's dream night would include:

1. golf
2. more golf
3. a bit more golf
(of course I would be following him around the golf course during this time)

Dane is very easy to keep happy!

For our Friday night out, Dane and I hit the links. After surviving a small marital mishap, i.e. Dane giving me a brief golf lesson, we had a great night together. Our friend Ragen came too, and the two boys (who could out-drive me by hundreds of yards) were so great about me tagging along.

You know, I love to see Dane on the golf course. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. He is quite the popular guy around there and is so great with the other guys on the course. He is hilarious and so fun to see when he is in his "element."

Don't you guys just love to see your husbands do something they are so good at?!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ode to the Otter Pop

Dearest Otter Pops,

Thank you for being the perfect quick pick-me-up at work during these crazy months in the office. I know that I don't always exercise control, and may eat several of you at a time, but you must understand that I really, really need you around! These days in the office can feel very long, and the sugar gives me just enough energy to get through the day. The best bonus--you are only 25 calories! I cannot feel guilty about that!

PS--If I do have any cavities at the end of summer, I am blaming it all on your presence in the office freezer!

Much love,

Kasi Lee

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Real Deal

For the last year I have waddled up and down the Highland and Riverside Golf Courses alongside Dane donning my old tennis shoes and canvas flats. A few times Dane suggested that I should wear shoes with more "grip" to improve my golf swing, but of course my thrifty side suggested that idea was a farce. Well, after a year of consideration I had a break-down of sorts. I really believed that the purchase of some "schnazzy"new golf shoes would improve my confidence on the course, in turn improving my golf game. It didn't take much convincing on Dane's part before I purchased these beauties from Riverside's Pro Shop.

You may see me in the future, spending much more time at the golf course, for you see, I am now the real deal. I have taken my official plunge into the world of golf finally. I have succumbed to the course's call and will someday be that silly old lady who spends the day chasing her husband around the course in their 1970's-style golf cart, playing card games by day and couple's leagues games by night, and trying her best not to grow too old! Come and join me!

Friday, June 19, 2009

WARNING: Lots of Pics with Lots of Captions

Don't you just LOVE summer?! We finally have time--or maybe take time--to do some of the things we love. The last couple weeks have been great as I am spending time doing things I love and being with people I love. I have definitely been reminded about just how grateful I am for all those people around me.

Kayla is already getting her "college" on, so I hurried to Rexburg to check-out her first place. (I really like her beadspread, don't you?!) She seems to be doing well so far, and I am sure she will be a great student! Sadly, Kayla had quite a bit of homework while I was up, so we didn't get too much "chill" time. We did have some fun doing homework--though I lacked a bit of focus--it has been a whole year since I was last in school! Also--my Pops decided to get her a Mac for graduation--a Mac--I don't even have one yet! The three of us get pretty spoiled by that man! The Sucher fam has finally been converted the the Mac OS!

Isn't she just beautiful!? I do have to thank Kayla and Kelli for introducing me to my new favorite song--"You Don't See" by the Duhks. Check that one out! Thank heavens for sisters that keep this girl updated on new music! I always come home with some new faves after visits!

The next morning, Kelli and I made a quick excursion to the local library and stopped by the Teton Flood Museum next door. It was a very interesting experience--I think I experienced nearly every emotion while at the flood. Here we are next to a replica of the Teton Dam before the flood. A new dam may be built in the future. It is amazing that the dam stood for only 8 months! There was a lot of opposition to the dam before it was built too. How ironic (and very sad).Here is a picture of the flood. I think I forget that things like this can happen even in Idaho. I found out later that my great-grandfather's house floated away during the flood. I couldn't help but cry as I watched people lose everything they had. We watched a very sobering video of the flood and really hope others get to see it too! Kelli and I were so impressed with all the LDS church and Red Cross did to help with the flood. Over 1 million volunteer man hours were provided within 8 days of the event! People really came together. My mom told me about how difficult it was to clean up the mess after the flood--a lot of service was definitely given at that time. I am so proud to be a member of the LDS church!

Now this little thing is pretty crazy! The flowers are made parially of HUMAN HAIR. They really must have used EVERYTHING back then! I was grossed out just enough to take a picture. I know that I should be fascinated by this, but my germaphobic personality forbids me to do so!

I took a picture of this ultra-thin cake pan from back-in-the-day because it reminds me that WE EAT TOO MUCH THESE DAYS! Let's be honest, our portion sizes have gotten out of control. Now, I am the first to dive into a gigantic cake--my family and friends know that I have no self-control in this area--but I am motivated to change. I could certainly use this little cake pan these days to cut a few calories in those sweets!

This is my Great-Grandma Grace! We made a quick stop in to visit the most optimistic woman in the WORLD! I only saw her about once each year growing up, and I wish I had spent more time with her. I am sure I can could learn a lot from her!

With our newly-discovered desires to become domestic goddesses, Kelli and I kicked off the beginning of our crafty endeavors by creating a super-easy family tree. Of course, a few things went wrong with my little tree, but I am just a beginner. Just watch out for me in the future--I will be crafting and decorating like a pro! Side note: Kelli has a knack for craftiness, so I am very excited for our monthly projects.

My friend Lisa had her baby shower, and boy is she one of those super-cute pregnant girls. She and Logan are going to have some BEAUTIFUL kids. I am excited for her and can't wait to meet the new little girl someday soon! Congrats, Lisa!

Dane's friend from Wendell (and one of the funniest people I know) brought his fiance up for a baby blessing and stayed at our place. I LOVE to have guests over, especially now that we have a guest room, so this was a treat. I met Rainee for the first time and just love her. I hope to see a lot of her at Beorchia family functions. Dallan is always invited to those--he is pretty much family. (Note to all--you can definitely stay over here if you need somewhere to stay!)

This cutie is my favorite girl ever. She is saying "cheese" for the picture and is wearing my shoes. I love visiting her house because she is so excited to see me. I feel like the most popular girl ever when I am there! I have to admit that I get exhausted from playing with her, and love that I get to be the "fun aunt" and head home when I am tired! I hope I will be a fun mom someday too!

Here is the other favorite little girl, who was just blessed! Isn't she sweet?! I have to be careful when I am around her because I really want to have some babies around here! Someday soon!

I just got back from the IACRAO Conference for Idaho college recruiters, admissions officers, and registrars. It was a great few days! One afternoon the ISU peeps visited Shoshone Falls with Brei and Jen, two super-cute recruiters from Boise Bible College. It was BEAUTIFUL there! Side note: I have some of the best co-workers around!

Here we are underneath another waterfall in Twin Falls. This one was GORGEOUS!

I am a pretty shy person, so not too many people get to see the crazy side of me. The "real me" loves to goof off, dance around, and do some pretty silly things. I guess I felt pretty comfortable with this group!

Here is a picture from a Snake River dinner boat tour we took for the conference. We got to eat a wonderful meal on a fun little boat while floating around. The food was great, but the company was better! I sat with a member of the AACRAO professional organization and can't wait to get involved on a national level now. She was quite a talented lady!

Isn't this amazing--this is in the Snake River. I think it is called the "Blue Heart." It is an area where a natural spring meets the river. I thought you could only see water that color in tropical places!

This is a picture of Thousand Springs. I love this place! The boat trip was so much fun. I really want to take Dane on it sometime! It is pretty pricey, so it wouldn't happen often, but it might be really fun for an anniversary or something like that!

That about sums the last couple weeks up! Hope everyone is having a great summer! Right now I summer would be here forever!