Saturday, September 19, 2009

Remember, Remember

This entry goes out to all those journal-writers. I know you are out there! Sometimes I focus in my journal about:
-silly things that happened at work
-an accomplishment at work or school
-fun things from around the house

This is what I am going to include more of:

I am certainly very forgetful, so I use my journal to help me remember those special things.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taking Time...

Dane is at work right now, so I am spending the next 3 hours with myself. Sometimes I like to do is pretty quiet and peaceful around here! Tonight I am taking some time to do a few things I really want to do...

1. Spruce up the blog (Boy, did it need some TLC)
2. Read some more of "The Lightning Thief" (Pretty interesting so far...Percy is not quite a Harry Potter for me yet)
3. Watch the only 2 shows I truly care to watch at this time ("So You Think You Can Dance" and "Glee"--love those shows)
4. Do some much-needed de-cluttering and organizing in the spare bedroom (Perhaps my favorite task of the evening)
5. Try to write in the journal (I have struggled the past week or two with this little habit)

A very simple night, but a very lovely night indeed. I'll stay busy until Dane comes home, and I can't wait until he comes home!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

and I was a little jealous

Okay, so lately I have decided that I want to "experience life." That's a bit corny, I know. I want to do lots of fun things and make fun little memories to go along with it. Life is about having some fun, right?!

Well, on Friday Dane announced that he was invited to ride in some golf guy's private plan to play golf for the day in Utah. Nuh-uh...not without me--was what I was thinking. But instead I told him that I am so glad he gets to do something so cool. Blah-blah. (I was trying to play off that I really wasn't...jealous!)

Now--cut me some slack here--I really wasn't in a frenzy of jealousy here. I didn't mope around the house all day or even seek some pity from the women at the Relief Society activity. I just think that would be something so cool to do. And to be honest--Dane really deserved it. He works so hard on the apartments and at his job--he deserved it. And he loved every minute of it.

(I will admit that I told Dane to keep in touch with this really nice person. I would love a day of golf like this too! I hope that doesn't make me a bad person!)