Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, yesterday I discovered a tv channel called Palladia, and I LOVE IT! I caught a bit of the O.A.R. concert from Madison Square Garden and found a new song that I love. I decided to post it for others to see. The song is called Untitled. I had to record the song on the tv, so now I play it a lot. I hope I don't play it too often, to the point where I get really sick of it! Dane really likes the song too. The saxaphone is our favorite part.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of My Interests

Okay, so ISU has become one of my interests. It feels like it is MY own little university, as cheesy as that sounds. I am proud of the education I received from ISU. I LOVE the people here. I am just proud to be an ISU grad! Maybe it is the recruiter in me, but I just heard about this video today and had to post it. (I recruit for ISU as a job! It is a lot of fun.) I want to share this video with other proud ISU alumni! I was so excited to see a video of my ISU online! (I really know that ISU isn't MY school, but I just really love it here!) I get chills when I think about the good things that are happening on our campus right now. I look forward to our future!

Now know that there is much, much more to my life than ISU. (I don't want anyone to think that I live, eat, breathe, and sleep ISU.) I am just very appreciative of the time I have spent here, the people I have met here, and the things I have learned here!

Without further adieu, here is the link for Idaho State's video! Go Bengals!