Monday, October 29, 2012

A Different Kind of Fast

Whew!  What a Monday and what a weekend!  I am just grateful that I am alive right now--counting my blessings! :)

Enzo is napping, and I just got dinner in the oven (ribs, twice-baked potatoes, and brussels sprouts) thanks to the M-I-L--she sent them home with Dane last night).  I finished a case study (which stressed me out way more than it needed to, thanks to my perfectionistic and also anxiety-ridden self), and I finished listening to the MK Hotline (ready to book something--fingers crossed).

Before I switch gears from school to work then back to school, I decided to write a few thoughts down.  I am so loving really writing on the blog lately.  It has been a little therapeutic, to be honest (coming from a future counselor). I can just stop--completely break--from my day and spend a few minutes just writing my thoughts down.

And that is the exact purpose this is serving right now--a break--a quiet, slow, peaceful few minutes of writing.  I am just soaking this in for a few minutes!

This stay-at-home business is tricky, I tell you.  I have more and more respect for you mothers each minute.  You can feel like you are in a whirlwind type of busy but still not look like you got much accomplished.  Because of this, I am giving up my to-do lists (or at least condensing them to a very small list of tasks)--that is the only way to keep my sanity.

But I still want so desperately to be productive, to be engaged, to do well in school, to help supplement income at home, to be a good wife and mother--so, I am doing a little bit of a different fast this week.

I think Dani Johnson once called it a "thief," and I just love Dani's wisdom on this one--because it really is a thief--

Dun, dun, dun.....

The television.  

And I just don't have time to let this guy (as adorable as he looks in the picture above) steal any more motivation, time, happiness, energy, attention.  

And another thing Dani Johnson taught that I just love--what are we doing with our free time?  Are we using it to be productive, to learn talents and skills, to make money, to be a great family member--or are we wasting it as we become experts on Facebook or television or video games?  (You get the point.)

So, this week I am fasting from the television.  This week I am hoping that will help me be productive, live a bit more authentically, enjoy my relationship more with Enzo.

So, adieu to the TV.  Ooh, that is a little scary for me--a week without The Office, Up All Night, Revenge, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, The Voice, Modern Family, Downton Abbey, and Mockingbird Alley.  Whew--I guess you can see that I need a break!  :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It Takes a Village...

I have heard the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child" so many times.   I have definitely seen it in Enzo's life, but last night was truly the first night that I recognized it right away.

Dane is in Oregon this weekend for the annual Oregon Ducks game with his buddies.  This weekend has been crazy so far, and a little stressful, but Enzo and I are making it, especially with this help of others.

Last night was the Halloween party for my program at college.  We got our costumes ready really quickly, prepared quickly for our part (the cupcake walk), and got to the party just a few minutes early. 

Enzo was a little star of the party and was loving the attention.  He was hamming it up and spent half the party in the middle of the room dancing away.  The "squat and stand" move was definitely a hit was his go-to move. Since he was feeling so comfortable though, he started just doing his very own thing--leaving the room and heading down the hall himself, for example.  It became difficult to keep track of the little man!

And then came village member example #1:  Britt Hanson  Oh, she was truly a lifesaver, and I don't know if she will ever truly know how much she helped.  She fed Enzo, painted his face, took him "fishing," helped him decorate a cookie, and chased him throughout the building.  After a day spent trying to knock out a million things with the little guy, I had been so tired.  I didn't have as much energy as I needed to watch over him.   She was seriously like his second parent and made up where I lacked.  And Enzo just loves her!  Oh, thank heavens for that God-send!

 It was fun to see classmates outside of the classroom and was fun to run into a coworker from my Recruitment Services days.

And then came village member example #2:  Shawnee Burt and company Shawnee is an example of a wonder mom! She works so hard, and right now she and her husband are living apart during the week.  Being a recruiter was difficult to balance with a young one, and Dane was there each night too.  I really admire her family, and I know they are doing just what is best for their little girl.  That's what being a parent is all about, though sometimes the sacrifices we make can be so difficult!  One thing I especially love is her support network.  Shawnee is surrounded by some great friends and family members who continue to help in so many ways.  She is easy to love, and it is even easier to see why others truly want to help her.  There are so many village members in her life.  Now that I have much more time, I really need to jump in and be there too!

Thank heavens for good people in our lives who are willing to jump in and help!  Oh, we are so very blessed!

My newest goal:  Be the one who will jump in next time!  

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Favorite Food Right Now

I have decided to use this little bliggity-blog as a journal.  No one really needs to read it, and I really don't write about anything super-cool on here.  No recent trips to Cabo, no amazing DIY renovations--just little everyday anecdotes. I can type way faster than I can write, and I can make this into a book.  Check, check,and check.  Anyway, I have these aspirations of having an artsy little journal (like a Smash book) too, but I have pretty much packed everything up that I could use for that little book. So, the blog it is.

Maybe I jumped the gun a little on this packing thing, by the way.  Yesterday Dane and I made a little countdown chain to keep track of the days until we close on the house.  Seriously, I packed nearly everything up that we needed.  At least some card stock, packing tape, markers, and pair of kitchen scissors were handy.  They saved the day.

Now, for the real purpose of the post! I love remembering my favorite things from growing up--tv shows, toys, foods, school supplies, bands, etc.  Memory lane is such a fun place to stroll down!  Seriously!

So, in an effort to make up for the cake mishap and to remember a current favorite, I give you MY FAVORITE MEAL (and I think Dane's too, to be honest).  We made this last night too--let me tell you, it really lifted my spirits.  I was kinda-sorta-not really devastated after the cake experience.

Complete with my very own Instagram picture of the meal (to add originality and artistic flair--haha)!

(Tell me you don't want to eat that right now.  Martha would even be proud of that!)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh, Martha!

Martha Stewart, how do you make everything seem so easy?  I have dreams of becoming just like you, but this time I most certainly didn't measure up.  :(

Dane's birthday was yesterday, and I was so excited.  I had an entire day of little surprise planned out, and one by one, each idea somehow went awry.

1.  Dane was going to wake up to a room full of balloons!  Cute, right?!  Well, some of our apartment neighbors were partying at like 5:00 this morning, so Dane woke up with them.  My 6:00 alarm went off, giving me plenty of time to get everything in order before Dane's typical wake-up time came around, but Dane was already awake. NOOO!  (Well, I used the balloons later to decorate the entire living room instead.  Good, but not great.)

2.  Dane's real birthday present is going to an Oregon Ducks game this weekend with some of his buddies.  Well, I wanted to get him a gift on his birthday, so I picked up a pair of jeans that he wanted.  Of course, I couldn't find his size in some of the washes, but I was certain that he had wanted the pair I went home with.  Again, foiled--he wanted a different wash in the denim.  My poor gift-giving ability strikes again.  (In my own defense, my love language isn't gifts.)  He tried to take them back, but no luck last night.

3.  I told Dane that he could have anything he wanted for dinner--homemade or at a restaurant.  He chose this Cafe Rio copycat soup that is killer good and just a little work intensive.  Only problem, I totally ran out of energy after I finished his cake and annihilated our kitchen with an onslaught of dirty dishes.

4.  Dane came home from work an hour earlier than expected.  What a nasty surprise (usually pleasant, but in this case nasty)!  The cake wasn't finished, and Enzo hadn't yet colored his birthday card.  (I had made a white card and was going to have Enzo "color" it--cute idea again, right?)

I am telling you, Martha makes it seem like planning a little birthday celebration would be a cinch.  Truly.  Well, I am here to tell you that I have at least a little more work to do before I can truly emulate that woman (maybe even the rest of my life, sheesh).

However, Dane did say that this birthday was great--and that he will never forget the cake (recipe courtesy of Martha too).  At least we both got a good giggle about the cake as we ate "ladies night" nachos from Mama Inez on the couch last night.

One note before I show you the final disaster of the day:  I only had one breakdown (just sat on the kitchen floor and almost cried) before I realized that at least I could laugh about all of this.

Actually, one other note:  Martha really should have noted to beat the egg whites and sugar until peaks formed, not just saying to beat for a specific amount of time.   (I am trying to assign blame to someone other than myself for something, okay.)

5.  The cake (Do I dare even show it? -- pictures speak louder than words)

For my own insecurity, I will probably post a picture of a rockstar meal that I made sometime soon--you know, I am supposed to be taking this domestic role very seriously now!  :) 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


You will never have this day with your children again.  
Tomorrow, they'll be a little older than they were today.  
This day is a gift.  
Breathe and notice.  
Smell and touch them; study their faces and little feet and pay attention.  
Relish the charms of the present. 
 Enjoy today, mama. 
It will be over before you know it.
~Jen Hatmaker

My word, this quote is so true!  Today Enzo is 442 days old.  I have definitely been guilty of getting caught up in the monotony of daily life, especially as life has recently changed.  Oh, how I am going to be conscious to not get stuck in the grind.  Each day is so precious and deserves a great deal of attention and intention.

Now, you'll have to excuse me--I am off to bake a cake for Dane's birthday.  If I post pictures on Instagram later, the cake was a tremendous success.  If there is nothing, just know that I tried to be a good little wifey.  May the domestic forces be with me!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today is a day that calls for red lipstick.
"Why is that?" you might ask.
Well, I have another courageous day of mothering ahead, and I believe even that can be a great reason for daring lip colors.

Don't let my t-shirt and messy hair fool you, I am hard at work when it comes to rearing a child, feeding two hungry boys, studying for classes, packing for a move, keeping a spotless pretty clean home, and prepping my home business.

Let's be honest here for a moment (brutally honest)--I thought working 50 hours per week and going to school and being a mother and wife was difficult.  I am quickly discovering that those SAHM's are valiant workers too. Though the challenges in my new roles are very different, each day continues to be a little stressful, a whole lot tiring, but most of all amazing.

Let's be kind to one another as mothers.  We are all hard workers and are doing what is the very best for our families, whether we are constantly on the run trying to work and provide or constantly on the run managing our wonderful homes and families.

Let's be grateful to be mothers--and let's do something to make each day special.  Even if that means getting dressed up to grab groceries (and that would make Stacy and Clinton proud) or putting on red lipstick to fold the never-ending piles of laundry.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

back here

Oh, I decided to return to this little blog!  Life is changing, and so are my priorities--so back to my simple little blog.  It will be fun to write--and I will keep it along with a little art journal that I am starting this week.

I am realizing just how important documenting life is!  Dane and I spent the last week looking through every video made since Enzo was born--and that was mostly Enzo's doing (his favorite thing is to curl up in my lap and watch "home videos" on my phone.  I LOVE IT!

And I can't help but feel grateful at the same time.