Thursday, May 28, 2009


As of yesterday, the Sucher girl presence at Hillcrest High School has officially ended. My youngest sister, Kayla, just graduated from Hillcrest last night! I anticipated lots of emotion for our grand exit, but you know--I think we are all just glad for Kayla to move on to bigger and better things. We know that high school is great, but college--well, college is much better! And boy, is Kayla heading right off. She starts school in like a week and a half! (I also think she is itching for some independence too--who isn't at that age?!) LOVE YOU, KAY!

Dane and I thought we would play a little trick on Sis. Kayla is one of the most genuine people ever, and she is very honest--even in times of gift-giving. She does have a hard time faking, pretending that she loves a gift when she really hates it. So, Dane and I got Kayla some terrible gift items at the dollar store, and Kayla tried to pretend she like the five items, but let's be honest--it was a bad gift. I told her that the calculator pen was the big gift, and she just smiled! Well, after she finished Dane and I told her that the real gift, some cash, was at the bottom of the bag. That is way more appropriate for her graduation. Dane and I had been waiting all day to see Kayla's reaction, and she was true to plan! LOVE YOU, KAY!

Lots of family came to support the graduate, so it was fun to have some bonding time. I was especially to see Dad and Darlene up for the event. We don't get to see them very often, so it is a special treat when we do. They are great supports of this clan! The whole group was sure to make sure Kayla could hear us from the rafters. We were quite the fan club tonight. At high school graduation you just have to be loud to represent. I don't think anyone missed Dad's "Way to go, Kay-Kay!" chant at the end of our roar. It was cute--and I dare say a step up from the "Sugar Bear" chant at my graduation. (Those are the little things you never forget and come to appreciate down the road!) The louder you are, the better. That was my person mantra for the evening! LOVE YOU, KAY!

Last but not least, here is the Sucher clan, together after the crazy evening. We are all growing up! I can't believe it myself. I thought to end I would give a short "Ode to Kayla" remark! Kayla is one of the most fun-loving, true to heart girls around. I graduated about six years ago and wondered if the two of us would ever really be close--with the age difference and all. That girl is so mature for her age and so much fun to be around. She is one of my very best friends! Kayla is going to accomplish some pretty amazing things, so you should all watch out for her! LOVE YOU, KAY!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer of Reading

So, summer is a great time for my job. Less stress, less travel, and less hours! It is beautiful to get to work just 40 hours! Plus--I am finished with work at 4:00 and can squeeze in a workout before 5:00! This extra time equates to more reading time!

One thing I love most about summer is getting to read a bit more. I am a bit of a bookworm--actually, I think that runs in the family. (These pictures come from a small part of our Easter festivities--reading break!)

Anyway, I set a silly little goal of reading 25 books this summer. I know, it isn't super ambitious for many of you, but it will do for me. I have a lot of plans for this summer, and reading is only one of them!

I just finished book #1 of the summer--it only took a couple hours to read, so it was a great kick-off book! I read the third "Wimpy Kid" book: "The Final Straw." It wasn't the most difficult read of my life, but it was always good for a laugh.

I tell you, I can totally relate to these books. I am not in middle school anymore thankfully, but I do relive those days a bit when I read the book. I have experienced a ton of those situations before.

For those of you who also enjoy reading, feel free to send me book ideas. I am always game for a good read! Happy reading!

Friday, May 22, 2009

good giveaway, people (but I am not putting it on)

Okay, so my friend Jessica is doing a giveaway on her blog. I am generally not one to sign up for giveaways on blogs, but I figured, "What the hay, these are some cute earrings. Plus--Dane really likes it when I wear earrings, so I could use another pair." You guys--I rarely win anything, and I am really rooting for this one. I think I can get it! So, I generally don't post about things like this on my blog, but I will get an extra entry in there if I post about the giveaway. What do I have to lose?! I am "secreting" this giveaway (for those of you who know about "The Secret"), and I have some pretty good feeling about it.

Now, go and check out the giveaway. It is a good one. Also, Jess has a super-cute blog. She is a witty gal! You will probably want to keep reading her blog for some good recipes, laughs, and great book recommendations. I know that if you enter the giveaway, I will have less of a chance of getting the prize. Do it anyway! I promise I won't be offended!

Oh, you might want to know what blog it is--A Few Good Thing. Just give it a quick click!

Hope you are all doing well in "Blog Land!" Have a great Memorial Day weekend. I know I sure will!