Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Changing Body

The last few months I have been really struggling with this growing, changing body of mine. It is definitely different from what I had before, that's for sure. I have looked in the mirror and wanted to just cry after seeing those silly stretch mark already appear in a spot or two, and I have at times felt like one unattractive little mama.

Then came yesterday--at work I ran across two different people who told me that I was just beautiful. Last week one of our Ambassadors told me that I was radiant.

Now, how can I hate this beautiful little body that I have been blessed with, one that is able to create an entire person inside? This body is a miracle machine. It will be able to endure intense pains to bring new life. It may look different and may not be quite as toned or sharp as before, but I really consider these changes a blessing. For the first time yesterday, I was completely in love with my new self. I was happy to make physical sacrifices to accompany a new little one. It might not ever really go back to the way it was before, but I am extra grateful for the opportunity I have to carry children. Motherhood is something beautiful!