Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgivings By Numbers

2 beautiful families... (and two great times)
5 pictures of Bry's croissant... (per her request)

6 tries to get a smiling picture with Kayla... (she makes some killer funny faces)

500 things to laugh at... (the best part about being with family)
3 super-cute chitlins that make me excited to be a mom... (she has a smile to die for)
1000 things I am grateful for... (that was a doozie)

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Twi-Letdown" or "Save the Drama for Your Mama"

First of all, tonight is Dane's first contribution to the blog! I know, a big deal! However, on a more serious note--he will clobber me if he finds out that his input was included, even if it is only in the title. We just got back from "New Moon"--more on that later. I thought I would share a few of my unsolicited opinions with you all--hope you don't mind! I asked for a good title, and Dane submitted the second title of this post. Let's keep this under wraps for a bit!

Now on to my opinions--just a few. I feel a little bad about sharing a few negative thoughts after such a fabulous, positive day. Don't worry--I don't have too many negative things about "New Moon" to share, so those of you who were impressed won't need to be too defensive.

"New Moon" Thoughts:
1. The special effects were much improved (positive note first!)
2. How about Jacob? I must say that I just love him more and more all the time--you know, in a not-so-creepy-because-I'm-married, not-quite-a-cougar-because-I-am-not-that-old kind of way. Not too bad to look at either! I am such a "Team Jacob" gal!
3. (Now for a more negative opinion--I just have to vent...) Was the book really this mushy and cheesy? For some reason I was so enamored by the book that I missed quite a bit of this.
4. (Last negative, I promise.) Coming from a true fan of Jacob, I can't help but think that Edward is just too sensitive, emotional, and fickle for my liking. I like my men tough--not too stoic though--with just a side of sensitivity.

Anyway, sorry to blab on about the movie. I am glad that I saw it--I have been waiting for quite some time. Perhaps going with Dane was a bad choice--we fed a bit off of eachother and had a few too many giggles during the movie.

*Last note: And here is an addition Dane would like to make. He now ranks "The Notebook" as the second worst movie of all time.
**This really is the last note: Taking Dane probably wasn't the best choice. In my defense, Dane suggested that we should go together tonight--it was his idea! He continually claimed that he was just being a "good husband," and he really is a good husband.