Monday, May 23, 2011

A Couple Notes on the Weekend

I love weekends! When 4:00 rolls around on Friday, I feel like I am totally released from most responsibility--and I love it. Weekends are for playing and having fun and relaxing and catching up. A couple of big moments happened to me this weekend--not in the form of a fancy trip or anything like that, but smallish-big moments. Anyway...

Our little man has become a huge mover. I can feel him all of the time, and each night I sit and watch my tummy move. It seriously feels and looks like he is doing somersaults in there sometimes. I love feeling his knee or foot jutting out and have so much fun interacting with him. At least, I think we are interacting. I love putting my hand somewhere and waiting for him to kick it--if he isn't really playing games with me I would instead choose to be naive. Needless to say, he has won my heart! I have no idea how I am going to work out this motherhood role with everything else for the next two years, but I am going to try to have faith. Whew! This weekend I just enjoyed laying in bed and watching my tummy, listening to Dane as he slept, and hearing all the house and outside noises around me. I was in complete heaven and felt so incredibly content and happy. It was such a small thing, but I loved feeling like life was slow enough to take in that little moment. Thank you, summer!

Another huge pregnancy milestone was reached--I wore my first pair of maternity pants on Saturday. I have been adopted via mail by someone who sends a package or two each week, and this package contained a summer maternity outfit. I was super skeptical, even though I knew that I could no longer fit into all of my pants, with the exception of one or two pairs. And boy, I feel like I have missed out. Those things with the maternity waistband were so comfortable. So, at 29 weeks, I have finally overcome my fear of maternity clothes!

Last week, the Stake President popped into Ward Council to announce that boundaries were again changing in our stake. I felt a little emotional because I guess I got attached to the girls and calling over the last nine months in this ward (from the last boundary change--and that boundary change was a little difficult for me but was so exciting). I think the Bishop's 30-minute thank-you session to our group, full of tears, was really what got to me. He is a really young Bishop, and I have really enjoyed working with him! I think he is one of the very best around! Well, yesterday was that big meeting where the boundaries were defined. I think I was the only one in the hundreds of people who just lost it when I saw that I was in a new ward. Not only will I be missing some people, but I am so sad to leave the calling. It was certainly so difficult for me and was such a growing experience, but I loved those girls. Now, I am in a completely different ward! I am trying so hard to have faith, and I know that I couldn't handle having that calling with all of the big changes this fall, but I am certainly going to miss the girls and opportunities. I think maybe I am most sad because I always feel like I could have done more. It was such a short time to serve, and I saw so many changes in those girls. I sometimes felt like a proud little mama in there! Anyway, I am desperately trying to look positively to the future and know that the Lord will bless me with new (and hopefully easier) opportunities to serve. I do know that my own life has been richly blessed during the nine months I was in the ward. I guess that is really all that matters. Bishop talked a lot to me about truly finding out why I was asked to serve in that position, and I never really tried to get an answer. Now that I am moving on, I would really like to know what I was meant to gain from the short experience. Anyway, on to new things! What a day--and poor Dane had to comfort me many times yesterday! What a emotional woman I am every once in a while!