Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Hope

I would like to say that I am happy that the election is over.  Whew!  We made it!  As weird as this sounds, I am also so very grateful for the opportunity I have had to hear so many sides of the story.  It is compelling to see how passionate we all are about our country.  We care about the future of our blessed United States. That is beautiful!  We live in a place where we are able to have opinions--and we are can share those personal truths with others openly.  That is also beautiful!

I just hope we will remember one thing (myself included).  There are very few actual truths in our world; we each hold our own personal truths and views of the world--to us, these truths are so real. Now, isn't it wonderful that we can each believe something different, that we can each have personal views of the world around us?  Instead of instantly taking offense or passing judgment on a view, why don't we consider the view and the person it belongs to--then we can choose whether or not to accept that as a personal truth ourselves? We may not agree, and that is just fine. 

By doing this, I can focus on the one person who really matters--me.  It doesn't matter what anyone else believes (though it is so important to listen to others and really consider what they say) because, in the end, I am responsible for myself and my little family.

I am so grateful that we have been given the wonderful gift of creating families.  Heavens, that is such a blessing! I am grateful for the incredible responsibility of raising this little boy--of helping to build him into a giving, loving, intelligent, focused, hard-working person through teaching and loving him alongside incredible parenting partners.   He is my hope for the future.  He can be better than I am--more confident, more giving, more thoughtful, more driven--and I certainly hope that he will choose to be a better person.  I can already sense his loving heart, and I hope that I simply won't mess everything up for him. He was built to be a leader before he even came to me, and I just hope to respect his own divine heritage as his mother.

I hope that he will be open-minded and loving but still guided by strong values and great purpose. I hope that he will show love to all people around him.  I hope he will find happiness in being a spiritual man and also take pride in working for a dream.

I hope he will always know that his parents are proud of him and love him, unconditionally and positively.

So, I will focus on what I can--myself, my family, my community.

God bless the USA!