Monday, November 5, 2012

"all boy"

Last night Dane and I were talking about how this little guy is ALL BOY.  He is rowdy, active, rambunctious, athletic, physical, loud, messy....I think you get it!  He loves to throw any type of ball, climb up on anything (including the kitchen table--yikes), get chased around the house, dance to music, wrestle with his parents, be outside, and run all over the place.  He is so much fun.  I think he is everything Dane could ask for in a son!  I can just tell how proud Dane is of him!  I think he is a hoot too!  He is strong-willed and independent too--it is so fun to see his little personality coming right in!  Oh, he is sure a handful sometimes, but he is so sweet and charming.  I have to take advantage of his downtime, when he is full of cuddles and kisses.  What a lucky mom I am!

Our life is changing so much in the next week with the purchase of our first home.  I will admit that I am a little nervous, but I am so excited.  We have worked for a long time for this, and I can't wait to see the fruit of 5 years of money-saving labor!  I think I am most excited for Enzo to have a great home though.  There is a giant backyard and a ton more room to run around.  Our home is going to be kid-friendly for our energetic little person.  I laugh so hard that one of Dane's most frequent comments is the need for a giant tube slide off of the porch for kids (and event the two of us, I am sure.)  Honestly, when he talks about making home improvements, he talks about spraying insulation, building a butcher block island, and installing a fabulous slide.  He is definitely going to make this one fun house to grow up in!

*We have a countdown chain to our closing date (this Friday, shut up), and this reminds me that it is time for Enzo and I to pull a ring off our chain.  (Packing boxes and pulling off rings on the paper chain are the two best parts of moving for Enzo so far--more on that later!)