Monday, October 29, 2012

A Different Kind of Fast

Whew!  What a Monday and what a weekend!  I am just grateful that I am alive right now--counting my blessings! :)

Enzo is napping, and I just got dinner in the oven (ribs, twice-baked potatoes, and brussels sprouts) thanks to the M-I-L--she sent them home with Dane last night).  I finished a case study (which stressed me out way more than it needed to, thanks to my perfectionistic and also anxiety-ridden self), and I finished listening to the MK Hotline (ready to book something--fingers crossed).

Before I switch gears from school to work then back to school, I decided to write a few thoughts down.  I am so loving really writing on the blog lately.  It has been a little therapeutic, to be honest (coming from a future counselor). I can just stop--completely break--from my day and spend a few minutes just writing my thoughts down.

And that is the exact purpose this is serving right now--a break--a quiet, slow, peaceful few minutes of writing.  I am just soaking this in for a few minutes!

This stay-at-home business is tricky, I tell you.  I have more and more respect for you mothers each minute.  You can feel like you are in a whirlwind type of busy but still not look like you got much accomplished.  Because of this, I am giving up my to-do lists (or at least condensing them to a very small list of tasks)--that is the only way to keep my sanity.

But I still want so desperately to be productive, to be engaged, to do well in school, to help supplement income at home, to be a good wife and mother--so, I am doing a little bit of a different fast this week.

I think Dani Johnson once called it a "thief," and I just love Dani's wisdom on this one--because it really is a thief--

Dun, dun, dun.....

The television.  

And I just don't have time to let this guy (as adorable as he looks in the picture above) steal any more motivation, time, happiness, energy, attention.  

And another thing Dani Johnson taught that I just love--what are we doing with our free time?  Are we using it to be productive, to learn talents and skills, to make money, to be a great family member--or are we wasting it as we become experts on Facebook or television or video games?  (You get the point.)

So, this week I am fasting from the television.  This week I am hoping that will help me be productive, live a bit more authentically, enjoy my relationship more with Enzo.

So, adieu to the TV.  Ooh, that is a little scary for me--a week without The Office, Up All Night, Revenge, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, The Voice, Modern Family, Downton Abbey, and Mockingbird Alley.  Whew--I guess you can see that I need a break!  :)