Saturday, October 27, 2012

It Takes a Village...

I have heard the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child" so many times.   I have definitely seen it in Enzo's life, but last night was truly the first night that I recognized it right away.

Dane is in Oregon this weekend for the annual Oregon Ducks game with his buddies.  This weekend has been crazy so far, and a little stressful, but Enzo and I are making it, especially with this help of others.

Last night was the Halloween party for my program at college.  We got our costumes ready really quickly, prepared quickly for our part (the cupcake walk), and got to the party just a few minutes early. 

Enzo was a little star of the party and was loving the attention.  He was hamming it up and spent half the party in the middle of the room dancing away.  The "squat and stand" move was definitely a hit was his go-to move. Since he was feeling so comfortable though, he started just doing his very own thing--leaving the room and heading down the hall himself, for example.  It became difficult to keep track of the little man!

And then came village member example #1:  Britt Hanson  Oh, she was truly a lifesaver, and I don't know if she will ever truly know how much she helped.  She fed Enzo, painted his face, took him "fishing," helped him decorate a cookie, and chased him throughout the building.  After a day spent trying to knock out a million things with the little guy, I had been so tired.  I didn't have as much energy as I needed to watch over him.   She was seriously like his second parent and made up where I lacked.  And Enzo just loves her!  Oh, thank heavens for that God-send!

 It was fun to see classmates outside of the classroom and was fun to run into a coworker from my Recruitment Services days.

And then came village member example #2:  Shawnee Burt and company Shawnee is an example of a wonder mom! She works so hard, and right now she and her husband are living apart during the week.  Being a recruiter was difficult to balance with a young one, and Dane was there each night too.  I really admire her family, and I know they are doing just what is best for their little girl.  That's what being a parent is all about, though sometimes the sacrifices we make can be so difficult!  One thing I especially love is her support network.  Shawnee is surrounded by some great friends and family members who continue to help in so many ways.  She is easy to love, and it is even easier to see why others truly want to help her.  There are so many village members in her life.  Now that I have much more time, I really need to jump in and be there too!

Thank heavens for good people in our lives who are willing to jump in and help!  Oh, we are so very blessed!

My newest goal:  Be the one who will jump in next time!